Play park plans’ mixed response


RESIDENTS have responded with mixed views over news that a play park is set to be built on the Broadmanor estate in Pocklington.

Pocklington Town Council’s plans to build a play park have been approved by East Riding Council’s planning department and work on the park could start this next financial year.

However, some residents have reacted angrily to the news by saying the park will attract anti-social behaviour by giving rowdy teenagers somewhere to gather at night.

There is also concern among some residents that it will be too close to the road, which will put children’s lives at risk.

Dennis Barnfield, who lives across from the field where the park will be built, said: “I am against it. Children are too vulnerable. There is too much traffic on this road. I have personally witnessed two accidents involving kids on this road.

“There is some anti-social behaviour at weekends at night and this is going to encourage that.”

Another Broadmanor resident, Ian Chu, said: “I think it will be too noisy. One of my friends lives near Victoria Park and he says it’s very noisy.”

Other residents believe it will provide a much needed facility on the estate.

Joanne Darley said: “I think it’s a good idea. But it’s ten years too late for our children. There is nothing for children to do around here. I’ve been here 14 years and we’ve always been led to believe there was going to be something on the green land but nothing happened.”

Fellow Broadmanor resident Richard Lister shares this view. He said: “It is long overdue ;something we have needed in this part of town for a number of years.

“It is fantastic to have for the kids.”

Mum Natalie Hatfield is pleased that her child will now have somewhere to play outside but is also concerned about problems older children may cause.

She said: “I am quite happy for it to be built. I’ve got a small child myself and for her to be able to play - I like that.

“I think it will encourage older children to hang around there at night. I hope there will be police to monitor it, but in the day it will be a good thing.”

Pocklington Town Council has been pushing for a park to be built on the estate for a long time and are delighted that East Riding Council’s planning department gave the plans the green light.

Richard Wood, town clerk of Pocklington Town Council, said: “Pocklington Town Council are delighted with the result and are now going ahead with negotiating a lease for the green space from ERYC and will re-submit funding applications to help finance the work.

“Subject to funding we will be able to go ahead with the scheme this next financial year.”