Plans afoot for 500 new homes

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A MULTI-MILLION pound development is planned for Pocklington which would see hundreds of new houses built in the town.

Developer Barratts has plans for a development off Kilnwick Road that includes approximately 500 new homes and a new 61-bed care home for over-55s.

Behind woldgate college

Behind woldgate college

The company, who aims to invest about £50million on the ten-year project, also wants to expand land owned by Pocklington Rugby Club and build an all-weather pitch near Woldgate College which could be used by the school and community.

Peter Morris, a development director for Barratts, has stressed that its proposals are at an early stage.

He said: “We still need to finalise our plans and undertake further public consultation which will include the wider public and the residents of Pocklington.

“We need to finalise arrangements with the club and with the school through agreement with ERYC plus develop the design and complete our overall proposals to accommodate, where possible, the feedback we receive through consultation.

“At this moment our proposals are really quite fluid. There’s nothing really entirely pinned down.”

The land Barratts wants to build on includes a 36-acre plot, which it has contracted from the landowner, and a further four acres owned by East Riding Council and used by Woldgate College. In return, it would give the school a different four acres of land, plus an all weather pitch.

Mr Morris said: “We’ve held discussions with Woldgate College and we hope to finalise this part of the proposal shortly with East Riding of Yorkshire Council who are responsible for the college estate.

“The District Council are going through a due diligence process to decide whether this can be achieved.”

The company, which recently presented its proposals to Pocklington Town Council, is also in talks with Pocklington Rugby Club about developing its site.

Mr Morris says Barratts hopes to submit a planning application by late spring or early summer, after carrying out further consultation.

East Riding Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) proposes that 1,148 new houses will be built in Pocklington by 2028, meaning Barratts’ Kilnwick Road development would account for nearly half of all houses constructed in the town over the next 15 years.

Paul Butler, a planning manager for the company, said: “Pocklington needs new homes.

“This is outlined in the council’s emerging Local Development Framework (LDF) which identifies that East Riding Council are seeking to deliver over 1,000 new homes in the Town over the next 15 years.

“That 1,100 homes is identified through research undertaken by East Riding Council about housing needs.”

Mr Morris is confident the plans will get East Riding Council’s backing, even though the authority is still some way from completing its LDF.

He said: “We’re not at a place where the LDF has been finalised but when we look at all the documents together we believe our proposals will align with national planning policy and emerging local policy.

“We think this should be supported by the council but appreciate there is a gap between the council finalising the LDF and us coming forward with this application now and in these circumstances we look toward national policy to guide us.

“We’re confident that we are in accordance with policy. We wouldn’t make the application otherwise as it’s a fairly expensive process.”

Barratts has set an approximate date of spring 2013 to start the development, if all goes to plan.

Mr Butler claims the development would help create hundreds of new jobs for the local area.

“National statistical evidence and Government documentation identifies that new housing development can generate a large number of economic benefits, including new employment opportunities”, he said.

“We anticipate that this scheme can help to retain or generate over 400 direct and 450 indirect jobs for the local area. That’s a lot of jobs.”

Mr Butler added that the number of houses Barratts would build may decrease depending on what size houses East Riding Council thinks Pocklington needs.

The total area Barratts wants to develop is 78 acres.