Wolds Weighton Ward councillor slams holiday park firm over retrospective planning permission for sewer work

Councillor Mike Stathers.
Councillor Mike Stathers.

The company behind plans to develop a holiday park on the former Allerthorpe Park Golf Course was given a verbal dressing down by a senior East Riding councillor during a planning meeting.

Cllr Mike Stathers, who represents the Wolds Weighton Ward as well as serving on the Cabinet of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, accused Park Leisure of riding roughshod over the authority’s planning system and treating Allerthorpe residents with scant regard.

He was addressing a meeting of the council’s planning committee where Park Leisure was seeking retrospective planning permission for laying a sewer along the road between the site and the Pocklington Waste Treatment Plant.

Many committee members also rebuked the applicant for the way it has behaved and voted to defer the retrospective application and asked the company to be present at the next meeting so they can hear its side of the story as to why it went ahead with the work.

Cllr Stathers said: “This is one of the worst retrospective applications I have seen. Park Leisure have demonstrated a total lack of regard and care for the villagers.

“The company chose to commission contractors to lay the sewer without any real consultation and without planning permission along a route which some residents maintain is in their ownership.

“This whole sewer saga is leaving a very bad taste and has done nothing to improve the relationship between Park Leisure and Allerthorpe residents.

“Park leisure is involved in a large-scale development at Allerthorpe which could bring significant benefit to East Riding’s tourism economy but at the same time we must ensure that it does not impact badly on the local residents.

“Undertaking major works of this nature without the right permissions is not acceptable.”