Pop-up eatery with special twist for diners

Ruth Startin is hosting a pop-up restaurant in Pocklington
Ruth Startin is hosting a pop-up restaurant in Pocklington

A woman from Burnby has organised a “pop-up restaurant” for those who find dining out stressful, scary and uncomfortable.

The brainchild of Ruth Startin, the idea for Kangaroo’s Pop-up Restaurant came from a meal out that she found uncomfortable and overwhelming.

Ruth has anxiety and struggles to eat in front of others having battled anorexia.

The 34-year-old said: “The idea was born through a birthday meal that I had out and I found everything very overwhelming.”

She added: “The meal took forever to come, not all the advertised dishes were available, the place was overcrowded and noisy, and made me figure if I was hating it with my post-eating disorder anxiety around food, then what must other people with other anxiety disorders think.”

She thought for anyone with anxiety, autism or conditions like Asperger syndrome it must difficult too.

Teaming up with an old friend who had recently qualified as a chef, Kirsty Beighton, the pair have created a menu of delicious food without the extra stress.

For example, sauces come separate, there will be no overly loud music, no bright and brassy wall hangings or dazzling fluorescent lights and diners can get up, stretch their legs and even say hi to the chef. There is also no dress code.

The event will take place at Pocklington School on the evening of Friday and Saturday May 26 and 27.

Ruth is also hoping to raise awareness and funds for Mind, a mental health charity.

To book a table call Ruth on 07597 918119 or visit www.eventbrite.co.uk