One in seven East Riding adults do not use the internet – far lower than rest of the UK

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One in seven adults in the East Riding of Yorkshire do not use the internet, figures reveal.

The majority are likely to be older people, according to the Office for National Statistics, with charity Age UK saying many are happy to stay permanently offline.

The ONS asked people aged 16 and over in the East Riding of Yorkshire whether they had used the internet in the last three months.

Of those surveyed, 15% said they had not recently been online, which amounts to an estimated 41,000 residents.

The majority of adults in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 85%, use the internet regularly – significantly lower than the UK average.

Age UK director Caroline Abrahams said: “Lack of knowledge about the internet and digital technology, concerns about security and cost are some of the reasons why older people do not use the internet. Others tell us that they have lived life happily without computers for many years, so why should they start now?

Article by data reporter Isabelle Kirk