Obituary: Nicholas Jerome “Trigger” Thomas

in memoriam
in memoriam

A funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Sledmere on Monday, 22 December, 2014, for Mr Nicholas Jerome Thomas, of Sledmere, who died suddenly on 13 December.

He was 52.

The service was conducted by the Rev David Fletcher and the organist was Gwynneth Clark.

Nick was born in Florida in 1962, the second son in a family of three boys. As a baby Nick and his family moved to Sledmere and he lived most of his life at Woodhill Farm. He attended the local Church of England School in Sledmere before going to Driffield Secondary School.

After leaving school he went on to Bishop Burton College and then worked on a farm for a time before going on to take a course in Business Studies at Hull University.

He then worked for a short period for the Driffield Times and Post before going on to work for the Prison Service based at Full Sutton where he made many friends and was very well liked.

Nick loved reading and would read almost anything and everything, his favourite was anything written by or about Spike Milligan, he also enjoyed quizzing with his friends and they were known as the ‘Monday Night Club’, attending quizzes all over the region.

Nick also enjoyed watching TV and DVD’s and enjoyed going to the cinema. He enjoyed playing golf and often went shooting. He enjoyed going on holiday and especially the occasion when he went with 10 of his mates to the Norfolk Broads, they had a great time and was very special to him.

He loved Christmas, he simply loved the celebrations and spending time with his family and friends. He worshipped his nieces and nephews and always valued the time he spent with them over the years.

Nick was a loving, caring man and he will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Family Mourners: Julia Thomas (mother), Stephen & Ashley Thomas (broher & sister in law), Jeremy & Karen Thomas (brother & sister in law), Laura, Lauren, Sam & Fern Thomas (nieces & nephew), Stephen Stubbings, Julie Scruton, Daphne Hood rep Bryan Hood, Janet Hood & Nigel Daft, Stuart & Hester Hood, GrahamHood, Morgan Furness.

Others Present: Clare Binnington rep Jill Woodmansey, Richard Binnington rep Margaret Binnington & Nick Binnington, Jack & George Binnington, Lily Douglas, Andy Southwick, David Cawthorn, Barbara Vincent, Rose Kent rep the family, Rosemary & John Rivis, Linda & David Sharlpley rep Scott & Sarah, Jason Schofield, Trina & Richard Lowe, John & Carol Reagan, Ivan Pick rep Hilary Pick & Rachel Hall, Mr & Mrs R Theakston, Lynn O’Neill (Sutton Prison), Jo Kiddle (Full Sutton Prison), Michael Young, Peter & Gail Dawson, Gerry Tomany (Full Sutton Prison), Debbie King, John Bottomley, David Frodin, Joe Lawrence, Glynn Dillon rep Mrs Olive Dillon, Neil Cowans, Broderick Taylor, Lisa Miller, Sophie Bratley, Beverley Poulton, Elizabeth Hoyle, Simon Coates, Ed Cornmill, Mr & Mrs Ian Hodgson rep Jeanette, Caroline & Julia, Kayleigh Hodgson, Darryl Hodgson, Jim Holmes, Bernard Watts, Adrian & Pat Robson, Mr & Mrs R Sygrove rep Lizzie & Louise, Mr E Newton, Andrew Grace rep Fay Grace & Eileen Hood, Jon & Pam England rep Nigel Wilmot, Helen & Nigel Wilson rep Christine & Richard Iveson, Maria Preston, Linsey Walker, Mr & Mrs T Moore, Jenny Watson rep Henry, Edward Robinson rep James & Tim Robinson, Stephanie Holmes rep Neil Holmes & Abi & Sammy Welburn, Mr & Mrs M Lacy, Dominic & Hilary Vincent, Mr R Walker rep Mrs C Walker, Mrs P Etherington rep the family & Ron Whitfield & family, Phil Moody, Lynn Sygrove, Katie Brown, Julie Brown, Mr P Smithson rep the family, Patrick Naylor rep Driffield Fire Station, Steve Southwick, Graham Owen rep Justin, Helen Cooper rep David Cooper, Louise Wray, Richard Burdass, Steve Kitching, Ann Hines, Stephen Greenfield, Andy Dove rep Kerry Woodhouse, David Atkinson, Helen Cox, Jasper & Helen Bolton, Keith Clark, John & Ann Southwick, Joan Hardy, Rachel Martin rep Doctor Russell Martin, Katrena Lawson, Jean Knights, Peter & Gill Scruton, Mr & Mrs D Kent, Mr & Mrs M Eaglen, Mrs Rosalyn Humble, Nicola Humble, Natalie Parker, Andrew McKinley, Heather Harrison rep George Harrison, Mr & Mrs H & B Clifford, Brenda Walpole, Robert Kilby Taylor, Angela Bell, Ruth Murray, Julie Warkup rep Chris & Paul Dunn, Mr J R Dunn rep Mrs P Dunn, John Woodmansey, Gary Smith rep Denise Smith, Sue Collins, Michael Walshaw, Mrs G Beacroft, Mike & Carol Young, Ms Marcella Gougher, Sue Bowden, Julie Bradshaw, Fiona Mulloy, Jenny Vevers, Melanie Barker-Dobson, Shain Yapp, Dawn White, Emma Uttley, Vikki Robinson, Amanda Goddard, Roz Eyre, Jess Francis, Marlene Tennyson, Steve Pearson, Claire Cappell, Tim Clarke, John Sygrove rep Tracey, Anna & Shane Sygrove, Terry Mahoney, Mr & Mrs M Holtby rep David Holtby, Mr W Walker, Audrey Dixon, James Dixon, Graham & Jo Smith, Cathy Spence rep Debbie White, Mike Bishop rep Mrs M Bishop, Simon Easingwood, Brian Clark rep the Clark family, Sam Burton & Sledmere with Croom Parish Council, Tony Wilson, Peter Owbridge, Mr M Hunt, Mrs E Collier, Mr & Mrs James Baker, Gerald Gowlett rep Mrs P Gowlett, Derek Collinson, Lady Swinton rep Lord Swinton & Mr Jeremy Sykes, Mr B Sygrove rep Mrs S Sygrove, Mr & Mrs K Magee, Lynn Mason, Craig Fotheringham rep Dean Fotheringham, Terry Allan, Dave Kirk rep Sarah Netherclift, Robert Palmer rep Marnie Allanby, Roger & Janet Hallett, Stefan Ramsden, Mike Harper, Susan Southwick rep Mr & Mrs K Pick & Mr & Mrs J Lacy, Gary & Hazel Marshall, Mark Green, Mr M Gora.