Lost in space? Bear is missing after launch

William the bear is missing after space launch
William the bear is missing after space launch

An “astronaut” teddy bear from a Pocklington school has disappeared without a trace after he was launched into space last week.

Pocklington Prep School sent William the bear, named after former pupil William Wilberforce, to space on Monday June 13.

He was due to land roughly in the fields between North Dalton and Bishop Burton on Monday afternoon.

But unfortunately a drop in signal has meant that the GPS cannot be used to locate the space bear.

Teacher Patrick Allen said: “This week the children have been doing a log of what they think the bear might have done.

“Some have said he was on his way to visit Tim Peake while he was on the International Space Station, some say he’s made it all the way to the moon while others think he’s having an adventure down on Earth.

“Lots of the kids who live in that area are going out with their parents and trying to find him which is nice, but it’s a little bit sad that we haven’t got him home yet.”

As part of the school project, the bear was launched carrying a white polystyrene cube containing a camera and GPS trackers.

The bear was attached to a big white balloon and a bright orange parachute, about a metre in diameter, for the journey back to Earth.

Pupils spent the weeks leading up to the launch designing space suits, penning diary entries from the bear, and suggesting questions they would like him to answer when he returned from space.

Mr Allen added: “It has been a great thing to do for the whole school. From reception up to year six, everyone has got involved.

“It’s something we’d like to do again but we want to get William the bear back first.”

The bear is wearing a pink Pocklington school jumper and is believed to be in the Bishop Burton area.

Anyone who finds William the Bear is asked to get in touch with Prep School reception on 01759 321228 or call Mr Allen’s mobile phone number which is attached to the box.