Leader in 20th Century British Art heads to PAC

Artist John Sprakes is pictured in his studio.
Artist John Sprakes is pictured in his studio.

Influential artist John Sprakes is preparing to open a new exhibition at Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC).

Hailed as a “leading figure in 20th Century British Art” (The Artist Magazine) John will exhibit original pieces, depicting his journey from the figurative to the derivative and finally into abstraction, at PAC from Tuesday, October 22 to Saturday, January 4.

Whitby Harbour by John Sprakes.

Whitby Harbour by John Sprakes.

Mr Sprakes’ work has featured in popular television shows such as Absolutely Fabulous and Inspector Morse, has been exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London.

Mr Sprakes, who was born in Doncaster and lives near Beverley, has likened his artistic development to that of a long train journey, and one that he is still aboard.

He said: “There have been many stops along the way; diversions into sidings, several unexpected delays, changes to the timetable and hitting the buffers. Throughout my artistic journey however, there has been constant progress and many changes have taken place.”

His passion for art began in childhood, bringing him comfort during periods of ill health and passing the time in the family air raid shelter during the bombing raids of World War II.

“Drawing was my constant solace”, said Mr Sprakes, who would spend weeks at a time bed bound with chronic bouts of asthma.

Mr Sprakes’ career has seen him exhibit at numerous prestigious venues across the UK including London’s Royal Academy and the Mall Galleries.

His book ‘Journey Into Abstraction’ is out now.

Speckled with inspirational poetry and music, the book offers a fascinating insight into his life and work, his personal and professional journey, embodied in a handpicked portfolio of extraordinary work.