Fire station planning application could see police move into new building

Pocklington Fire Station will be extended and refurbished under the new proposals.
Pocklington Fire Station will be extended and refurbished under the new proposals.

The proposal to move Pocklington’s Neighbourhood Policing Team into the town’s fire station has moved a step forward.

An application to extend and refurbish the fire station on Station Road has been submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire’s planning department by Humberside Police.

The proposed design of the building.

The proposed design of the building.

The two storey development is estimated to save the taxpayer between £13,000 to £15,000 once the operation is up and running.

The vast majority of the costs of the extension and refurbishment will be taken on by Humberside Police.

The force will then gain money back from the sale of the existing police station in the town.

The scheme is designed on two levels with the ground floor used for admin, reception and an interview room.

The proposed ground floor.

The proposed ground floor.

The first floor will provide a gym space, shower and locker room.

The existing fire station is of a fairly typical standard format, a 1960s flat roof ‘modern’ brick built facility, and the proposed building is in-keeping with the existing building in terms of its architectural aesthetic, materials, and massing.

If the application is granted without any complications police officers could be operating from the fire station as early as December this year.

Humberside Fire Service and Humberside Police Joint Estates Service director Martin Knapp said: “Our intention is to move our neighbourhood policing team in to the building which will be constructed on the fire station site. This will be an extension to the existing fire station and there will be one or two elements of the building that will be shared.

“The proposal will help improve some of the amenities for the fire section, but it also means we can share the costs of running the site.

“There will be an overall saving to the public purse.

“Police-wise, this means we can move out of the existing station, which is bigger than we actually need now.

“We have estimated that we will be able to make savings of between £13,000 and £15,000 a year with the move.

“The police station will either be sold on the open market or other options, but we will be disposing of it.

“Bringing the two services together will be helpful, especially when talking about community safety, so it will be good to have that expertise and knowledge in the same place.

“The majority of the costs will be taken on by the police force with money eventually coming in from the sale of the police station.”