Councillor’s support for karate students

Councillor Tony Randerson is pictured with members of the Eastfield Eagle karate team.
Councillor Tony Randerson is pictured with members of the Eastfield Eagle karate team.

A local councillor has helped a group of karate students from Scarborough take their place at a prestigious international karate contest.

A total of seven young people and adults, who practice the Japanese-style of karate, Go-Kan-Ryu (GKR), had been selected to represent Britain in the global event.

The GKR Karate World Cup took place at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes this summer and was open to all ages and all grades from Australia, the USA, New Zealand and the UK.

The group of Scarborough students from GKR Karate, Eastfield, included children and their parents who had all qualified to compete in the contest.

The Eastfield Eagles team included Beau, aged 13, Lily, 13, her mum Shelley, Chay, aged 14 and his dad Adam, Charles and coach Nicki Martin.

But before they could demonstrate their skills in the contest, the Scarborough group first had to overcome the issue of finding funding for transport, accommodation and entry fees.

The fundraising was given a huge boost thanks to ward councillor for Eastfield and Osgodby, Cllr Tony Randerson, who donated £1,500 from his locality budget.

Other donations came from two masonic lodges St Nicholas in Scarborough and Lodge of St Andrew in Hull, Schneider Electric, AFS Technologies, Ne’ve Shalom Synagogue, Drypool Green Community Association and Scarborough Higashi Karate.

The money was used to transport each of the competitors and one parent to the World Cup and for overnight accommodation.

Cllr Randerson said: “They had been doing various fundraising events and raised a considerable amount of money themselves. I was more than happy to top it up to the amount they needed. One of the great things about being a councillor is I can help in this way and support grassroots sport.

“I was delighted to help through the locality budget. The fact that seven people were representing Great Britain at these world championships is something to be proud of, they did very well to be selected, it is pretty impressive.”

Sensei coach, Nicki Martin, said Karate was a positive sport for all generations; building strength and self-confidence, balance, co-ordination. It also teaches discipline and courtesy as well as basic self-defence.

Nicki said: “All the team won their places in this incredible event through their hard work and dedication and qualified by being the best in their age and grade groups in the Northern Regional Competitions earlier in the year.”

The group meets at Eastfield Community Centre in Scarborough on Wednesdays from 6pm and provides classes for children aged five and up.