Cancer Research talk for Probus members

Chairman Christopher Dodd, speaker Andy Wilson and member Julian Tremayne.
Chairman Christopher Dodd, speaker Andy Wilson and member Julian Tremayne.

Andy Wilson from Yorkshire Cancer Research was the guest speaker at the latest meeting of the Pocklington Probus Club.

In opening his address Andy referred to the origins of his organisation at a committee formed in Leeds in 1925 to provide funds for cancer research.

Through the years it has kept pace with the vast advances in medical research and has changed its focus from being concerned with general research into its present form where it is focused on helping sufferers from cancer in Yorkshire.

The activities of the charity are concentrated on where the need is greatest.

With excellent diagrams and photographic illustrations, he showed his audience how the incidence of cancer varies considerably over Yorkshire with the concentration of patients in industrial areas.

He also described the incidence of different types of cancer with particular reference to cancer of the lungs, which is the major killer in Yorkshire.

He emphasised how the figures indicated that the major cause of this form of cancer is from the habit of tobacco smoking.

He explained how the charity is trying to educate people in Yorkshire as to how important it is to diagnose cancer in its early stages.

To this end he described in detail a new development of three large trucks, designed and equipped by the charity.

The trucks are visiting places in Yorkshire where the need is greatest. The first truck contains screening equipment for rapid diagnosis. The second one is to try to wean smokers from the addictive habit and the third one to follow-up from the activities of the other two.

One of the difficulties to be overcome is the reluctance of people to take the first step and accept a chance to be screened – another aspect of the charity’s work.

The chairman curtailed the discussion which followed, and the hearty vote of thanks proposed by Ian Ryder was carried unanimously.