People caught fishing illegally in Yorkshire

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Yorkshire anglers are reminded that the coarse fish close season is in operation on our rivers and other water bodies at present.

Since the close season began Environment Agency fisheries enforcement officers have caught 11 people breaking the law by fishing where they should not. The maximum fine for fishing during the close season is £50,000; anyone caught doing so may be prosecuted and Environment Agency officers are continuously patrolling closed waters to catch offenders.

The Environment Agency would like to remind anglers that the close season is from 15 March to the 15 June 2014 inclusive. In Yorkshire this includes any river, stream, drain or waterway, excluding canals. Fishing is not permitted on the Aire and Calder Navigation between Castleford and Ferrybridge Lock.

Peter Mischenko, Environment Agency fisheries officer, said: “The river close season for coarse fishing is important. By preventing coarse fishing for three months, it allows the fish an uninterrupted spawning period. This increases the success of the spawning, in addition to providing wider environmental benefits.”

All anglers need a valid Environment Agency rod licence, which allows them to use up to two rods. Rod licences run from 1 April to 31 March and fishing without one can lead to a substantial fine. Shorter term licences are also available.

Peter added: “Rod licence fees are re-invested, enabling us to improve all fisheries including rivers for anglers. Our officers check licences routinely, and we urge anyone with information about illegal fishing activity to contact us the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

If in doubt about where you can fish visit our website, or your local tackle shop who will always point you in the right direction.

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