Pensioner’s litter clearing mission

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A PLUCKY pensioner was so disgusted at the amount of rubbish that had been dumped in her village that she decided to get rid of it herself.

Judith Pybus, of Barmby Moor, has lived in the village for ten years and was fed up with the litter that had built up on the A1079 stretching from Back Lane to the entrance of the industrial estate.

She also removed litter that had been dumped on the industrial estate itself.

Mrs Pybus, who is a children’s author, cleared 146 bags of rubbish which included plastic and glass bottles, food containers, beer cans, sweet wrappers and crisp packets.

She said: “It was really bad. A lot of it had been there for a long time.

“I usually walk around the fields at the back of there. If I see any litter blowing there I pick it up.

“One day I had a walk to the top of the bank and I couldn’t believe the number of beer cans and plastic bottles.”

Mrs Pybus decided to take matters into her own hands by going out with a pair of gloves and some large bags and clearing the litter from the area. To do so she had to get on her hands and knees at times to pick up rubbish from under the hedgerow and from under the low branches of trees.

She then took the bags to the tip in her car at her own expense.

In total, it took Mrs Pybus 13 days to make the area clean and free of litter.

She said: “It is so pretty now and clean.”

Mrs Pybus said the B1246 road from Barmby Moor to Pocklington is another area where litter is starting to build up in the hedgerows and in ditches.

She would like to form a voluntary litter clearing group in order to keep the Barmby Moor area tidy. Anyone interested can call Mrs Pybus on 07985204285.