Pedalling up the cash

Clive Dealtry on his rowing machine.
Clive Dealtry on his rowing machine.

Staff at Yara UK Limited entered into the Children in Need spirit with a cycle relay and a marathon row.

The bike relay began exactly at 9am and continued throughout the day until 5pm with 34 people each doing a slot of 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Production director David Tomkinson did a 30 minute slot and brought the bike home at the end the event.

There were also cakes, scones and chocolate brownies sold during the day to help raise the total and were enjoyed by the staff after the rigorous exercise.

Guerino Ianzito, local IT Support, was the chief motivator for the day and did a great job of making sure everyone was in place ready for their slot and provided constant support by mopping brows, providing drinks and shouting encouragement.

We also had a ‘Guess the Distance’ competition on how far the bike would travel during the day which was won by Kim Wingate. The bike covered 80.43 miles.

At 1pm Clyde Dealtry began his marathon row with cheers from those who had gathered to see the start and he set off at a good pace.

After settling down into his scheduled pace he was able to enjoy the atmosphere and constant changing of participants on the bike whilst also taking on board water and his jelly beans to help keep his sugar levels up.

Clive said: “It is the first time I’ve rowed in front of an audience and I found it to be a great motivation and strangely a distraction from the rowing.

“The time went extremely quickly especially those middle meters which in training just dragged on and on.”

He completed in a time of three hours, 10 minutes and seven seconds, which was beyond his expectations.

The time is currently the second best in the UK in his age category of 50-59 years on the Concept 2 ranking system and the 17th in the world so far this season.

Clive added: “I’m obviously extremely happy with the outcome.The time is a bonus for me but the real winners will be the recipients of the monies raised through BBC Children in Need.”

The total raised so far is £1,127.35 and is still rising. Visit to make a donation.