Parking tickets DOUBLE in Pocklington

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Pocklington has seen an dramatic rise in parking fines, with the number more then doubling since last year.

A freedom of information request by the Pocklington Post has revealed that from September 2012 to August 2013 408 parking penalties were issued in the town, more then double the 194 given out for the same period the previous year.

The figures also reveal that £12,639 was received from these penalties between September 2012 and August 2013, considerably more then the £5909 collected for the same period the previous year.

Pocklington mayor, Ann Cox, said: “Well I’m quite shocked to hear that they’ve issued over £12,000 in fines in Pocklington, we do get quite a few letters about parking fines but these enforcement officers do have a job to do.

“I don’t think the parking restrictions in Pocklington are particularly over the top but maybe people should take more care and be aware that there are enforcement officers about.”

East Riding Council took over responsibility for prosecuting the majority of parking offences in November 2011, and claim the number of parking penalties issued still remains low in comparison to neighbouring authorities.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “For the period September 2011- August 2012 and September 2012 - August 2013 the council was responsible for civil parking enforcement (CPE) for 22 months, having taken over from Humberside Police in November 2011 after a transitional period where police resources had been redirected, making it difficult to compare data and/or draw any meaningful conclusions.

“The number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued by the council’s civil enforcement officers continues to remain low compared to the thousands of vehicles that park across the East Riding each day.

“The council still gets daily requests from residents to tackle parking problems and sends out enforcement officers who invariably find another example of a badly parked vehicle blocking someone’s access.”

Pocklington resident, Norman Webster, is currently appealing a parking penalty and feels the council are being overzealous in their approach to parking enforcement.

Mr Webster said: “I’ve heard from a great deal of people around Pocklington and it seems the parking officers are pulling people up for the most minor of offences.

“I think the some of the money spent employing two parking officers to patrol the town would be better spent making sure the parking bays in Pocklington are marked correctly, the lines are almost invisible in some places.”

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