Parking restrictions change in town centre

The new proposals for Pocklington town centre.
The new proposals for Pocklington town centre.

Following requests from Pocklington Town Council and Ward Members, East Riding of Yorkshire Council is reviewing the market day restrictions on Market Place to make them clearer for motorists.

Currently the parking bays signs in the Market Place and Jubilee Monument area prohibit parking on Tuesdays between 6am and 6pm.

The East Riding Council said it was aware that often the market can be finished and the area cleaned up long before 6pm resulting in empty parking spaces on Market Place, but if cars are to park there before 6pm they could still be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) under the signed restrictions.

It has been proposed that the market area will still be closed off for the market as usual under a road closure (using temporary red market day closure signs) and will remain closed for the duration of the market and the street cleansing of the area afterwards.

Once the red closure signs have been removed by the Markets Officer, the area will return to being available for on street parking with the usual time restrictions (Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm two hours, no return within one hour).

As part of the proposals to make the restrictions clearer, the single yellow lines outside of the parking bays but within the Controlled Zone would be replaced with double yellow lines (no waiting at any time) to minimise confusion and help enforcement to keep these areas clear for access and visibility. On Union Street double yellow lines are also proposed up to the ‘Controlled Zone Ends’ sign.

The council proposes to improve safety around the zebra crossing which has been raised as an issue.

It is a motoring offence to park on or behind the zig zag markings to keep visibility clear; however vehicles are often seen parked in the recessed areas next to the zebra.

It is proposed to change the parking bays near 45/47 Market Place to four disabled parking places to help customers with limited mobility access the businesses. A motor cycle area is also proposed near the Jubilee Monument.

Planning proposals for the Market Place and Jubilee Monument areas include:

(a) To introduce No Waiting at Any Time restrictions on parts of Market Place, Market Street and Jubilee Monument, Pocklington.

(b) To introduce Motor Cycle Parking Bays on part of Jubilee Monument, Pocklington.

(c) To increase the number of disabled parking bays for use Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm from two to four on Jubilee Monument, Pocklington and introduce a two hour limit with no return within one hour in respect of all four disabled parking bays.

Objections to the proposed Order, stating the grounds for objection, should be emailed to by 10 January 2019.