Parking campaigner wins battle to alter width of bays

Campaign joy...Andy Strangeway near the parking bays on Market Street.
Campaign joy...Andy Strangeway near the parking bays on Market Street.

A campaigner has won a battle to change the width of parking bays on a street in Pocklington back to their original size.

East Riding Council recently altered the bay markings on Market Street to create extra parking spaces. It reduced the width of the bays to between 1.83 and 1.88 metres, from two metres.

However, Andy Strangeway, 50, who is campaigning to tackle what he claims to be “appalling parking situations in Pocklington,” contacted the council to complain about the width of the bays, and requested them to be changed back. The council has since agreed to carry out this request. A council spokesperson claims it will cost the authority £170 to redo the work.

Mr Strangeway, of Full Sutton, said: “I could see no justification for this, apart from the desire to raise revenue, as a phone call to East Riding Council confirmed that a parking ticket could be issued for those who do not park within the marked bays.”

According to the painter and decorator, parking on Market Street “breached the Government recommendation which since 1994 has stated that all council parking bays should be a minimum of 2.4 metres wide.”

In response to Mr Strangeway’s complaint, Denise Flint, assistant engineer for traffic and parking at East Riding Council said: “The bay markings on Market Street, Pocklington have recently been amended to create additional parking spaces. For on street parking all parking space measurements are taken from The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. There are various ways in which the bays can be laid out and the regulations provide for a tolerance in the width of bay between a minimum of 1.8m and a maximum of 2.7m. Although the size of the parking bay is within the legal requirement, due to concerns raised we will arrange to amend the width to what it was previously, two metres.”

Mr Strangeway has recently contacted the authority in a bid to increase the width of parking bays on Railway Street in Pocklington, which have also been made narrower by the authority.