Park committee are powered up

Committee members are given a guided tour of the site.
Committee members are given a guided tour of the site.

Members of the Jubilee Park committee at Fangfoss enjoyed a powerhouse evening following an invitation to Drax Power Station.

Drax has given a significant donation to Jubilee Park to help its Phoenix Fund campaign so it can replace play equipment destroyed in an arson attack earlier this year.

Jubilee Park committee members at Drax Power Station.

Jubilee Park committee members at Drax Power Station.

The fund now stands at almost £19,000 and grants are being investigated to help bridge the difference to the required amount.

Drax invited the park committee and their families to have a tour of the plant.

Although all members of the committee were unable to attend the group of 15 enjoyed an informative and interesting evening.

The guides gave a very knowledgeable talk and answered all questions before taking the group to all parts of the site.

It was a fascinating insight into both the biomass operation and what is now a diminishing coal powered generation.

On the night all three biomass generators were operating but only one coal-fired plant.

Committee member Bob Broughton said: “The group were surprised by how big an operation could be operated by so few people and were astounded at the size of the buildings when seen at close quarters.

“The statistics given by the guides were staggering and we came away with a much better understanding of how our electricity gets to our houses.”

A special event was held in July to raise funds for the park as the committee looks to hit the £40,000 target.

The committee is looking to accrue the cash to replace the equipment and has received support from a number of businesses in the area, including Tesco.

Even the children and staff at St Martin’s School Fangfoss have helped the cause, raising £31.10 from selling sweets and £120.84 from a non-uniform day.

Any businesses or individuals interested in supporting the Phoenix Fund can contact Lyn Grant at The Pottery, Fangfoss or visit Jubilee Park Facebook page.