Panto fun in Melbourne

Melbourne V Hall - Mother Goose rehearsal
Melbourne V Hall - Mother Goose rehearsal

EVENT: Mother Goose

VENUE: Melbourne Village Hall

REVIEW BY: Anthea Ayres

It’s panto time in Melbourne again and this year’s offering was Mother Goose.

It included a mixture of dances, starting with a maypole dance by the villagers, a dance by the Goose and then the water nymphs - the latter two excellently choreographed by Derbra Radford.

A garrulous ad-libbing Mother Goose was enthusiastically portrayed by David Price and his sensible son was Joe Thompson, as reliable as ever. The Goose who laid the golden eggs and danced was Maisie Blackmore.

Our demon with horns, including on his shower cap, was the crafty Tim Blackmore. The other ‘baddie’ was the rather jovial squire Bob Sackur and his accomplices were Minnie and Winnie, Lorna Blackmore and Jessica Radford. They did their own dance with vigour and assisted in the cleaning contest between the Demon and Mother Goose.

The Snow Queen, who ably presided over the contest and also helped with the maypole dance, was Hattie Rothwell-Inch. Jill Denson was the May Queen who married Joe and led the water nymphs.

The ages of the cast ranged from eight to eighty and everyone entered into the fun. The younger cast members were villagers involved in the maypole dance and water nymphs and they included Lily Boyd, Isobel Brosenitz, Aimee Cameron, Charlotte Capper, Lewis Denson, Megan Price and Emily Wilson.

All the cast sang with vigour and encouraged the audience to sing along, acompanied by Stella Hall.

Audiences on both nights were good and cheered and booed on cue from the Fairy.

As expected, much support was given with scenery and backstage organisation and refreshments.

This was a good community event and approximately £600 was raised for the newly-refurbished Methodist Church.