Opinion: The march of political correctness

Has the PC brigade gone too far in recent years?
Has the PC brigade gone too far in recent years?

Political Correctness (PC) is defined as “the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalise, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against”.

Certainly, since its introduction into this country in the 1990s, long-overdue and positive changes have been achieved by the PC brigade.

For example, the totally offensive “N” word is rightly no longer used by right-thinking non-black people, when referring to black people.

However, in recent years the PC brigade has simply gone too far and has extended its increasingly dangerous tentacles into every aspect of our everyday existence.

Some of the changes are so silly, they are almost funny. For example, the classic English pudding “Spotted Dick” has now been re-named “Spotted Richard” by the PC brigade, so as not to offend.

Some of the changes brought about by the PC brigade, however, are actually deeply misguided and offensive.

For example “Ba ba black sheep” is a nursery rhyme that solely concerns a sheep tax that was imposed during the Middle Ages.

However, some owners of children’s nurseries wrongly associate this nursery rhyme with racism and, as such, some nursery children are being taught to sing “Ba ba rainbow sheep” just so that the nurseries can be seen to be politically correct.

In my opinion, however, these nursery owners are acting politically incorrect because they risk totally offending black people by trying to erase the one word that they have actually chosen to describe themselves, i.e. black!

Of course, these nursery children are totally innocent and only understand black to be a colour.

Consequently, they have no understanding of racism and, therefore, this misguided behaviour on the part of these nursery owners can only distort these children’s concept of what is and isn’t racist, which can only confuse them.

Also, some of the changes brought about by the PC brigade risk rocking the multi-cultural community boat.

For example, not long ago, Early Learning Centre started selling farmyard sets in this country, which did not contain pigs in them.

This policy was adopted so as not to offend Jews and Muslims, who believe that pigs are unclean.

In fact, the company later reversed its policy because, not only was there a backlash by non-Jews and non-Muslims, but also by members of these two communities, who had not been consulted beforehand and criticised the company’s lack of judgement.

Even though the company’s policy was not encouraged by them, the innocent Jewish and Muslim communities risked being subject to racist-based comments from other (ill-informed) communities.

In addition, because of its unswerving efforts to stop anybody from offending anybody else, the PC brigade has allowed malevolent forces to grow.

In fact, some of the resulting changes are so deeply ingrained and so utterly repugnant that all right-thinking people should be totally outraged by them.

For example, the Home Secretary, Mrs Theresa May, recently stated that, “…institutionalised political correctness…”, being in the form of turning a blind eye so as not to appear racist, contributed to the failure of the police and council agencies in Rotherham to deal with the appalling sexual abuse of 1,400 white girls by gangs of Asian men over a 16-year period.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that the relentless march by the increasingly out of control PC brigade must now be stopped before the very fabric of our society disintegrates to the point of no return.

Actually, my proposed solution is that the PC brigade should all be sent to live permanently on a remote island.

The island should be governed by this country’s greatest bastion of political incorrectness, Prince Philip – and if he offends them then so much the better.