Opinion: Everyone will decide EU destiny

Prime Minister David Cameron in Yorkshire.
Prime Minister David Cameron in Yorkshire.

2015 was an important year. We had a General Election which decided our Westminster Government for the next five years.

However, 2016 will be an even more important year, because, on Thursday 23 June, we will have a Referendum on the European Union which will decide our country’s future – not for five years – but for a whole generation.

This June, we will have the option of voting to regain control of our own destiny by voting to leave.

Such a vote would save us having to send a net £10 billion every year to Brussels as part of our membership fee.

The EU has become a political project whose objectives we now do not share.

That objective is to create a United States of Europe and we are right not to want any part of it.

I do not dislike Europe itself, but I do have issues with the undemocratic over-bureaucratic, regulation-ridden, empire-building EU.

Whatever your view, our Prime Minister deserves credit for allowing this referendum to take place, so on this important issue, a group of MP’s sitting in Parliament will not alone resolve the matter.

Every one of us has a vote, so it will be decided by us all.

Many financial experts were amazed to discover that Liverpool’s connection with the Beatles is adding £81.9 million a year to that city’s economy and is supporting over 2,000 jobs.

Considering that the Beatles split up over 40 years ago, these figures are astounding.

Whilst fans of the TV comedy series ‘Dad’s Army’ are a much smaller group than followers of the Fab Four, this does indicate that those who talk about Bridlington deriving a lasting legacy from the newly released film, may not be wide of the mark.

With Hull becoming Britain’s City of Culture next year and Bridlington’s new found fame as a film set, the East Riding could receive a substantial tourism boost, which will be good news for the whole region.