Operation Yuletide launched to protect residents at the busiest time of the year

During December there will be more officers in busy shopping areas and looking after Christmas revellers.
During December there will be more officers in busy shopping areas and looking after Christmas revellers.

Tis the season to be jolly – and safe. All of us at Humberside Police would like to wish you a safe and Happy Christmas.

During December we will have increased numbers of officers in busy shopping areas and we will be looking after revellers on their Christmas nights out.

The Humberside Police logo.

The Humberside Police logo.

We all do our bit in keeping you and your family as safe as possible.

‘Operation Yuletide’ was launched on 1 December.

This concentrates on three key areas that our officers will be dealing with, to support victims of domestic abuse, to help with the night-time economy (pubs and clubs etc) and to protect shoppers and retailers.

Other crimes see an increase during this time too, such as drink/drug driving, shop theft and handling stolen goods along with burglary and drunk and disorderly offences making this time of year the busiest for Humberside Police.

Calls into our 101 and 999 lines are at capacity during the festive season so we ask that people think before they call.

If you do need to call 101 during Christmas please understand that we are extremely busy and you may have to hold for some time before we can help you.

Only call 999 in an emergency. An emergency is when someone is at risk of getting injured, bring threatened or a crime or is being committed and is in progress.

The police should only be called on 999 when there is a danger to life or a risk of injury being caused imminently.

Around 40% of calls to 101 and 999 have simply been made inappropriately i.e. they are not actual emergencies, someone has called 999 as they have no credit on their phone to call 101!

Calls like these take up valuable time for our call handlers to resolve and could hinder our ability to deal with actual emergency calls.

We may be able to give you the information you need on our website so starting there is always a good idea.

Checking our website first could save you from having to call.

If you genuinely need to speak to the police it is never a wasted call.

We have launched an electronic advent calendar that offers a message each day to help protect you and your property during the festive period.

To see the Christmas Advent Calendar please visit http://www.billysadventcalendar.co.uk.