Opening hours to change

Warkworth beach toilet block.
Warkworth beach toilet block.

Toilets in Warkworth which were badly damaged by vandals in 2014 will be closed during the winter, but reopened for the summer.

The block, at the New Town car park, has recently undergone extensive refurbishment, funded by various contributions, following the vandalism, which included urinals and hand basins being smashed in the men’s facility and the handle being broken in the loo for the disabled.

There were concerns about the future of the county council-operated block, following the damage, but the authority has said that it is a key facility for tourists visiting the area and the Northumberland coast and the block will be maintained.

It has also been agreed that the Brewery Lane toilets will be closed during the winter. The Hermitage Inn will run a ‘you’re welcome scheme’, which allows non-customers to use the toilets in the pub.