Open Weekend makes a splash!

Leisure centre staff Chloe Seaman, Philippa Simpson and Katie Pickering.
Leisure centre staff Chloe Seaman, Philippa Simpson and Katie Pickering.

A Pocklington leisure centre and swimming club have made a splash to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

East Riding Leisure Francis Scaife held a special Open Weekend last Saturday and Sunday (11 and 12 July), which was the highlight of its anniversary year.

Pocklington Dolphins Swimming Club also celebrated 50 years since the formation of the club in conjunction with the leisure centre.

The Open Weekend offered free taster sessions in a wide range of activities for adults and children. In the swimming pool, a gala for past Pocklington Dolphins members was held on the Saturday, and there was a gala on the Sunday for current members. In the sports hall, there was a bouncy castle, zumba, badminton, dance, Jujitsu and baby dance. There was table tennis and racketball on the squash courts. Visitors could enjoy indoor cycling in the function room and the Tone Zone was open to all.

As well as organising a gala on the Saturday and Sunday, Pocklington Dolphins held a celebration hog roast on Saturday at Pocklington Rugby Club, on Percy Road.

Darren Jackson, senior facilities manager at East Riding Leisure Francis Scaife, said: “The Open Weekend was a huge success, and the highlight of our 50th anniversary year so far. We have gained lots of new members over the two days, and I’m delighted that so many people of all ages came along and had a great time with all the various activities on offer. We have never before had a weekend quite like it.”

See this week’s (16 July) paper for more pictures from this event.