Ones to Watch - TV

What: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

WHEN: Saturday at 10.05pm, Five

It’s the final episode of the series, and this time it’s personal.

Casey, Elliot, Fin and Munch arrive at a crime scene involving two cops - Detective Kralik is dead, seemingly shot by their colleague Detective Lake, who’s been injured in the fracas. But what caused the cop to turn on his buddy?

It seems Lake has been making mysterious trips to Philadelphia every month - but it’s a file involving a cold case that really catches Fin’s eye. Kralik was the first man on the scene, and the plot thickens when a woman called Penelope arrives, claiming she and Lake were members of a freelance cold case-solving team.

The case involves the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl - and the cops discover that Lake had been trying to locate her best friend Cecelia, who was the last person to see her alive. But when Cecelia and Lake go missing, and forensics link another man to the crime scene, the cops realise the case is far more complex and tragic than they originally thought.

WHAT: Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

WHEN: Sunday at 9pm, BBC Two

Anyone who’s seen the movie The Social Network may think that the story of Facebook goes as follows; Mark Zuckerberg gets dumped, comes up with the idea for a hugely successful website, goes into business with Justin Timberlake and then gets sued.

But in this documentary, Emily Maitlis takes a slightly more in-depth look at the origins and economics of the site that has gained an astonishing 800 million users in just seven years.

With exclusive access to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook bosses, Emily examines the strategy behind the site’s growth, looking at how the company is trying to translate its massive popularity into equally impressive profits.

So far the signs are good, and it’s widely predicted that if Facebook is floated on the stock market next year, it will be valued at the $100billion mark. But what’s next?

WHAT: Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas

WHEN: Wednesday at 8pm, Channel 4

Unless you’re leaving your Christmas shopping until late this year, chances are you’ve either already bought gifts for your loved ones, or have a list of what to buy.

But if you haven’t, then Kirstie Allsopp is on hand with a two-part festive version of her craft show.

Of course, if you are planning on going hand-made this December 25th, then you’d better get a wriggle on - there’s less than a fortnight to go when this programme airs.

The first programme sees Kirstie tackle the 12 Crafts of Christimas, while transforming her Devon house into a winter wonderland and making stocking fillers for under the tree.

She’ll also be talking us through the potentially tricky world of wreath and garland-making, and showing the way when it comes to creating snow globes and gingerbread - as well as tips on dressing the perfect tree and wrapping presents.

WHAT: Phil’s Empty House Giveaway

WHEN: Wednesday at 9pm, Channel 4

You’ve already had your Kirstie fix, so now it’s time for the other one of the duo to get a look in.

Phil’s doing another good turn for the community, by meeting those people most severely affected by the housing crisis and attempting to put a roof over their heads.

Phil targets private homeowners whose properties have been sitting empty for a while.

His hope is that he can persuade them to let him renovate the property and then let it to the homeless.