On the History Trail: Dick Turpin known to have visited Pocklington Fair

Pocklington Horse Fair 1911
Pocklington Horse Fair 1911

Fairs took place in Pocklington from early medieval times, with the earliest recorded being a grant made for a four day fair to be held annually for the feast of St Margaret (19-22 July) in 1245.

More fairs were added and by the 17th century there were seven fairs held annually in the town.

The infamous highwayman Dick Turpin was known to have attended Pocklington Fair, as it was mentioned in his trial evidence.

His real name was John Palmer, a horse dealer who turned to horse stealing and highway robbery. He was hung in York on 7 April 1739.

A newspaper report quotes Thomas Towle of Pocklington, who had recollections of Pocklington going back to the 1870s. He vividly remembers being brought up by his grandfather Joseph Lister, the cab proprietor.

He recalled the days when all the local villages had their own feasts and fairs.

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