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Spring is a good time to check your property and make sure sheds and garages are secure.
Spring is a good time to check your property and make sure sheds and garages are secure.

If like most of us, your shed rammed with leaf blowers, lawnmowers, power washers, bikes and the usual paraphernalia which seems to go with daily life, then it will be now that you are wanting to get them out for their first outing of the year.

Well that’s great but what if, when you open your shed, your precious equipment and tools have been nicked by some light-fingered sneaky thief!

Imagine how much money you are going to have to spend just to get you back to square one.

Even the most basic of bikes can run up a £200 bill, not to mention power washer at £100- £300.

The lawnmower £80-name your price!

When you add these things together along with any tools that have been taken and how much damage has been made to your shed it makes you realise what a target your garden shed is to a passing opportunist thief.

Make no mistake, a hardened criminal will pinch anything that is in within easy reach.

There is so much you can do to prevent crime alongside us to deter and detect offenders.

At the very least, if you have a door lock or window lock on your outbuilding, make sure you USE THEM!

You’d be surprised how many people leave their shed, garage, or even their house wide open, no matter how many times we remind them.

A simple padlock and hasp correctly fitted to a door is often enough to keep thieves at bay.

If they have to take time to break into a shed it’s sometimes too much hassle for them.

Ideally consider fitting a close coupled padlock for increased security.

It is really important to check your shed and garage for signs of decay as well.

If required, strengthen the door, frame and hinges with coach bolts or non-return screws.

It’s no good having locks if someone could easily kick their way through rotten doors and side panels.

Windows should also be secured with grills or heavy wire mesh to increase window security.

We would recommend you invest in security lighting and fit security alarm systems that will raise the alarm if somebody attempts to break into your property.

Anyway, never mind ready this article – get on your gardening gear and get out in that garden to get it all neat and tidy for the Tour de Yorkshire coming through at the end of April!

We have much more crime prevention advice on our website so when you have to come in from the garden for a cup of tea log on to www.humberside.police.uk/protect-your-home.