Olympic lottery scam warning

Residents around Pocklington are being warned to stay vigilant after reports of an apparent scam involving letters being sent to the public claiming they are winners in a special Olympic Lottery.

The warning comes after a Pocklington woman received a letter claiming to be from the London 2012 Olympic Games Lottery saying she had won a large sum of money, before requesting personal and bank information.

The letter, addressed personally to the woman, told her she was required to ring a telephone number and fax off her personal and banking details before she could claim her £500,000 prize.

Detective Sergeant Jon Cross, said: “Recipients of these letters or any similar correspondence are advised simply to ignore them and never to divulge details of a personal or banking nature.

“The general rule is that if something appears too good to be true then it usually is.”

Anyone else who has received a letter of this nature and is concerned is asked to contact Sgt Cross at Humberside Police on the non emergency number 101.