Offender captured

POLICE have praised members of the public who helped to bring a conman to justice.

In August, officers made the public aware through a newspaper article in the Driffield Times and Post, of a dishonest salesman in the Wolds area, selling aerial photographs of farms to the owners.

The salesman approached a farmer at Lowthorpe and presented an aerialview photograph of the farm that was for sale at £39.

A cheque was written for that amount and signed. The cheque was later cashed and the farmer discovered from the bank that the cheque has been altered by the recipient and had been completed to the value of £390.

A police spokeswoman said: “People were advised to report any suspicious visits by salesmen offering to sell areal photographs of homes or farms in our area.

“There was a great response to the article.

“Several people contacted the police to report a salesman offering to sell photographs to them for £39 and asking for a cheque rather than cash. The description of the male and the vehicle he drove were all very similar. The article ultimately lead to the identification and arrest of the male.

“In October, a male in his 30’s, was interviewed for the offence. He fully admitted to fraud by false representation and stated that he understood that he was dishonest and he had no right to change the amount of cheque.

He is now awaiting a court date for the offence to be dealt with.

“Humberside Police would like to say a big thank you to all the people who responded to the article, without your help this male could still be out fraudulently taking money from people’s accounts.