Not touring in nappies

Singer-songwriter Dennis Locorriere is coming to Pocklington at the end of June as part of a 42-day tour across the UK.

Perhaps best known for his time with US supergroup Dr Hook, Locorriere has branched out on his own for several years and is keen for people to recognise him as a solo performer now.

“The real difference between having a band and my solo tours is that when I’m out there alone I don’t really have anything else to focus on but the audience,” Locorriere said in an exclusive interview with Pocklington Post.

“I’ve been a solo artiste long enough now that they like my albums and they request those songs as well. Now they are just as disappointed if I don’t play something they like from one of my albums.

“I’m lucky because people see both formats as totally different.”

Pocklington Arts Centre is the 37th date of his tour, which poses a challenge for Locorriere in terms of keeping both himself and his concerts fresh.

“That’s one of my biggest dilemmas before I go out and play,” he agreed. “I’ve been doing this for so long that there are a lot of songs. I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to just go out and churn through the greatest hits.

“I don’t neglect my history and I’m certainly proud of it, but for me to relive the same two hours of my life over and over, nothing would bore me more.

“I like playing tracks where the audience says ‘woah, I never thought I’d hear him sing this’. I like there to be surprises. Keeping it fresh is changing the show each time. My audience comes to see me and wonders what I’m going to do.

“If you were on the greatest hits trail, then you might get a couple of people twice and they know you are just going to be older and doing the same thing.

“That’s a bit like touring in nappies because somebody told you once that you were a cute baby - Give me the dummy and the little hat with the lace on it. That’s how they first saw me and they really liked that, so let’s not mess with it.

“Time moves on and you have to represent that.”

That is not to say Locorriere is not grateful to Dr Hook for boosting his status on the international stage.

“It was a different time,” he added. “I was in my 20s, it was the 70s, and we were really successful, travelling all over the world and having hit records.

“I’m probably never going to have the worldwide success that I had as a younger guy with Dr Hook. We had the might of EMI behind us, what is now Sony.

“These days it’s a much closer concern, my solo career. I have an audience and I tour to see them and I have them in mind when I make albums and DVDs. My latest DVD and my album are out in Post Cool Records, which is my own label.

“But that’s the way you do it nowadays. I’m not looking for worldwide domination. I’m a creative guy and I look for an opportunity and an audience to be creative to.

“The Arts Centre you’ve got there is great. I come and do what I do and people pay attention and they talk to me. I walk away from a show like that knowing where I stand. I put out an album and I have no clue. I go out on stage and sing a song and I get a response.

“I’ve got great fans and it keeps me on my toes. I agonise every night about what I am going to play for them.

“If I didn’t have to think about it, then what am I thinking about? I have no other hobbies, I don’t have a salmon-hatchery. I’m not one of those guys. I’m not racing Formula One cars somewhere in my off time. I’m doing this.”

And Dennis Lecorriere will be doing what he does best at Pocklington Arts Centre on 30 June at 8pm. It is testament to his popularity as a solo performer that his show has already sold out in this area. He may not want worldwide domination, but the Pocklington public has spoken.