Northfield garden blossoms for In Bloom competition

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A GREEN-FINGERED resident took the top prize for this year’s front garden competition in Pocklington.

The annual horticultural happening has become an integral part of the town’s In Bloom campaign, in a bid to encourage homeowners to tidy up their lawns and gardens and, at the same time, boost the chances of a high mark from the visiting In Bloom judges.

The winner this year was Angela Thompson from Northfield Rise.

Spokesman for the competition, Peter Green said: “This year saw, as usual, a high standard of front gardens, where the judges look for visual impact, and suitability of planting.

“This year’s winner, has a well thought out and sustainable garden, with clever use of bedding to supplement the excellent permanent plants.”

The garden which came second, was 18 Denison Road, and the judges were also impressed with other offerings from George Street and Denison Road.