Nina’s marathon feat set to inspire mums

Nina Blake-James will be raising funds for the Brain Tumour Charity.
Nina Blake-James will be raising funds for the Brain Tumour Charity.

A Pocklington Runners member is hoping to complete an inspirational journey this October when she takes part in the York Marathon.

Nina Blake-James has gone from a novice treadmill runner to long-distance athlete and is hoping her efforts will see other busy mums follow suit.

Over the last couple of years Nina has gradually worked up her distance and increased her pace until 10km and half marathons were easily in her grasp.

Nina has raised more than £500 for the MS society, around £500 for St Leonards hospice and collectively £1,450 for ‘Grief Encounters’ as she increased her fitness and pace levels.

Nina said: “It has been wonderful to use running to benefit others but the personal gains are huge. I feel fitter now in my forties than I did in my twenties. I can fit in my size 10 jeans again, my asthma no longer wakes me up at night and my blue inhaler sits largely collecting dust.

“It has been more than a physical journey, an endurance exercise, it has also become a spiritual revelation. Running for me is not just about exercise, it has become a life changing awaking.

“I did what many women do when they are trying to burn the fat accumulated post child birth. In my case four child births in fairly quick succession. I joined the gym, and with support from the fantastic team at Francis Scaife, gradually over a period of months worked up to a decent 5km pace on the treadmill.

“To start with I could only walk for five minutes and run for five minutes, gradually building up my distance.

“In 2017 a friend suggested that I join the local running club ‘Pocklington Runners’.

“I had always resisted up to this point as I felt that I had too many other commitments.

“I felt nervous about how they would receive a relatively novice runner with no notable race history and limited distance capabilities.

“After braving my first club night this clearly was not the case. I couldn’t believe how friendly everybody was.”

Go to Nina’s JustGiving link at to support the Brain Tumour Charity.