News of the new-style Pocklington Post crosses the pond

The team at Pocklington Arts Centre with the new-style Pock Post
The team at Pocklington Arts Centre with the new-style Pock Post

The new-style Pocklington Post has generated huge interest since its relaunch - with word spreading as far away as New York.

With a range of new content including our new teenager’s column, 30 questions feature and Pub of the Year Competition, people were keen to share their thoughts with us on the new-style people’s paper. James Duffy, assistant manager at Pocklington Arts Centre, said: “We had a musician friend of ours from New York called Trista Clopet get in touch with us about the new Pock Post after they saw the article you did about Boycie (John Challis of Only Fools and Horses) on Google, so word seems to be spreading a long way.”

The team at Pocklington Arts Centre with the new-style Pock Post

The team at Pocklington Arts Centre with the new-style Pock Post

Pocklington’s town crier Geoff Sheasby said; “There is a lot more Pock stuff in it than previously. I think it’s brilliant that more readers are writing stuff.”

Paul Macleod, a customer at the Feathers Hotel, said: “It took a lot longer to get through it, there is a lot more in it then there used to be.”

Johnny Cairns, barman at the Feathers Hotel, said: “There seems to be a lot more in it. I like the 30 questions feature, it makes it very local.”

Our new teenager’s column, written by local youngster Caitlin England, was one of the new features which many readers highlighted.

Kirsty Grice, 31, who runs Blooming Occasions with her mum Jo, added: “I think it’s a good idea to include things for younger readers because local newspapers can come across as a bit stuffy. It looks very nice too!”

Pocklington resident Janice Ward, 54, who has two children and two grandchildren, added: “It’s really good, there’s quite a lot of stuff for younger people. It’s nice to see the Arts Centre getting involved too because they get some fantastic acts.

“Pub of the Year is a good idea, we’ve got a lot of good ones around here. I also liked the look of the history feature.”

Mother of three Pandora Maxton, 40, of Pocklington’s Art and Rose Gallery said: “The teenage column is a good idea. It’s good to see more teenage voices in the paper. Pub of the Year is good too and the 30 questions looks fab.”

Ms Maxton singled out our 30 Questions feature, written by Sue Woodcock, for praise.

Irene Tinson, 47, who works at Eric Lees, said: “I’m really happy to see Sue Woodcock in there, she’s such a great local character and just what the paper needs.

“There seems to be a nice amount in it. The battle of Stamford Bridge feature was good and there just generally seems to be a lot stuff in it.

“It’s looking good too!”

Simon Mackin, from Sweet Move in Pocklington, added: “There’s a lot more articles so I certainly noticed an increase in the amount of content. It’s nice to see Sue Woodcock in the paper as well.”

Other readers reacted positively to the new paper, remarking that there was a good balance between news coverage and the new features.

Louise Hugill and Keziah O’Conner, of The Vintage Corner, Pocklington, were also pleased with it. Louise said: “It’s a definite improvement on the last time I picked up the paper last year.”

Lisa Bray, 33, from Chris Clubley estate agents in Pocklington, said: “It’s just what the town needs. We have our auction section in the paper and it looks really good. Pocklington is an expanding town and it warrants a good local paper like this.”

Davina Jones, 49, from Celebrations in Pocklington, said: “It’s definitely better, there’s a lot more to read.”

Janet Farmer, manager at Pocklington Arts Centre, added: “It seems to be jam-packed with news and it was good to see features like the memory lane stay. Hopefully people will get right behind the new paper.”

Fellow Pock Post readers Michael and Maureen Held, said: “Congratulations to you and all your new editors for bringing the Pocklington Post up to date. It is a great improvement, my wife and I think there are so many new things to read, it is a mine full of information. Once again thank you all you new editors.”

Market Weighton residents were also impressed.

Amie Morris, the manager of The Carpenters Arms, who also commented on the Pub of the Year launch, said: “It’s nice for a local paper to do something for the pubs in the local area as I don’t think we get recognition for all the hard work and effort we put into the job, a lot of people don’t realise that just because the pub is closed doesn’t mean we aren’t working as there is a lot of paperwork, ordering, planning and looking after the beer involved!”

Retired NHS workers Hilary Price and Bryn James added: “We liked the range of stories in the paper and the new reader content and we always like the sport.”