New Year messages

Jonathan Britton, Woldgate School headteacher
Jonathan Britton, Woldgate School headteacher

Here are some new year messages from community leaders.

Jonathan Britton, Woldgate School headteacher

At the end of term, I attended carols with the Lord Mayor in Pocklington.

Mr Trevaskiss and eighteen pupils gave their time to provide the musical accompaniment to the singing of the Christmas carols. Our pupils were simply wonderful, not only because they gave their time, but also for their playing. On a rather cold winter’s day they played with a smile and clearly thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even if by the end, they were starting to feel the winter chill in their fingers.

Events such as this are, for me, not only about celebrating the joy of Christmas, but also our school being part of the community we serve. I also attended our wonderful carol service at All Saints’ Church in Pocklington with all of our pupils and Sixth Form students. It was a joy to see our young people considering others and doing their very best to make a difference to the lives of people less fortunate than themselves by making donations to their chosen charities. Their actions speak highly of their character, support for others in our wider community and across the world.

As we prepare for a New Year, it is truly wonderful to see such qualities in our young people. I am confident that the future holds great promise. Have a Happy New Year.

Richard Harrison, Market Weighton School headteacher

I am sure I am not the only one who will be making a new year’s resolution to eat less and exercise more, not managing to keep it up for more than a week and giving up.

More perseverance is what is needed!

You may have a blip, not managed to get out for a run or had that glass of wine you said you were not going to have in January, but don’t give up, just keep trying.

In education we are guilty of starting new initiatives, with the promise it will make a real difference, but after a few months we have stopped doing it as we are working on the next big idea.

We should be able to persevere and perfect what we do without constant change being imposed on us.

The New Year in education brings new 1 - 9 grade GCSEs for all, new ‘A’ levels and no levels in primary and early secondary.

These changes not only impact on students and teachers but parents and employers will also have to understand what is different about assessment in schools.

I hope that we are allowed to persevere with these changes and make them work before further change is imposed upon us.

Have a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Martin Ratcliffe, Mayor of Pocklington

A happy New Year to everyone. When I look back over the last six months as Mayor they have been very busy for the town council and for Elinda and myself representing Pocklington at various events organised by neighbouring towns.

For the town council our chief project is the construction work on the first floor of the Arts Centre. As the contractors finished for Christmas the work is progressing well and we all look forward to the work being completed by the end of March. A special thank you to all who supported the town council events. The summer fair was a great success on a glorious day. After heavy afternoon rain, we were really lucky to be blessed with a fairly dry evening for the bonfire and firework display. Our Festival of Christmas proved very popular with hundreds of people packing the Market Place and church. Another special thank you to Woldgate School musicians for their contribution to Carols with the Mayor.

We live in a vibrant town that is growing with many new houses being built and many new families moving into our community. To keep our town growing we need to ensure that we use and enjoy all its facilities and become more involved in what is happening. Try to spare some time this year to help Pocklington develop and benefit all who live here.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to all.

Peter Hemmerman, Mayor of Market Weighton

The start of a new year is a time for reflection on the past year and hopes for the future.

It has been a busy and productive year in Market Weighton with the completion of the long awaited Holme Road roundabout and work on flood prevention measures making us all feel safer.

The spectacle of the Tour de Yorkshire passing through the High Street has continued to attract visitors and the re-launch of the Farmers Market continues the process.

The council and Town Team working together have secured funding for new play park equipment, additional planters and hanging baskets and new Christmas lights thanks to the generosity of the Community Shop.

Looking ahead we are in the process of securing land for a cemetery extension which has been a long standing concern. Funding continues to be difficult but we will always be on the lookout for solutions.

The return of the Tour de Yorkshire next year is very welcome.

I am sure the year ahead will throw up new challenges but I am confident we can work together to maintain our community spirit and resilience.

Thank you for your support over the past year and I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Sir Greg Knight, East Yorkshire MP

2016 looks set to be a good year. The Office for Budget Responsibility say Britain’s economy will continue its steady growth next year, outpacing our European neighbours.

Inflation is at a record low which means living costs are under control and it is now cheaper to ‘fill the tank’ than at any time in recent memory, which is especially good news for rural areas like the East Riding.

I will be working in 2016 to achieve further improvements to the A1079. As in the past, I will be asking ministers for more investment, as the A1079 is the main arterial link between Hull and York.

Whatever your viewpoint on the European Union, it is good news that in 2016 or 2017 we will all get to vote in a referendum on the matter. This is now guaranteed as Parliament has changed the law to give the people of Britain a say.

At this time we should spare a thought for the brave men and women in our armed forces who work hard to protect the freedom that we all enjoy.

Looking forward, I believe that there is no such thing as inevitability in history. By working together, we can make our country stronger, our world safer and our future brighter, ensuring that this New Year will be better than the last.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2016.

Rev Geoff Hollingsworth, vicar of Pocklington group of churches

At Christmas we celebrated the birth of Jesus, a child born in a manger, the Son of God, whose life transformed the world and who still changges the lives of millions of people today.

At his birth the angels proclaimed to the shepherds Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace to His people on earth.

These words remind me of a song I heard at one of our carol services ...Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me... Peace on earth for all people is a goal we all strive for but it needs to start with each individual.

This message of the angels is something we can take with us into the New Year and each day to be at peace with those we meet and those with whom we share our life.

May we all work for peace in whatever way we can in our world, giving our support to those who are the peacemakers and those who are the peacekeepers. Peace is something we can all contribute towards, not on the world stage but in our own lives.

I wish you all a happy and a peaceful New Year.