New unit to crack down on criminals

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wide police

A new police team has been set up to drive crime down in the East Riding and disrupt offenders and criminals known to ‘work’ in the county. The team, overseen by Sergeant Simon Vickers, has set the main ambition to make it as difficult as possible to commit crime in the county. The Neighbourhood Tactical Unit is made up of One Sergeant, six Police Constables and four Police Community Support Officers who have been tasked to disrupt as many criminals and their wrong doings.

The ‘floating’ team are not perminantly based anywhere. Depending on crime trends, the team will be placed in an area of the East Riding for a period of time to throughly agitate and disrupt the offenders committing crime in the East Riding and to ultimately stop their offending and seek help for them or be convict them for their wrong doing.

Sergeant Simon Vickers said; “The NTU has been created specifically as a pro-active arm of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, and are solely available to use tactics to disrupt criminals and target those causing the most harm to the East Riding.

“Some of the tactics my team are using include wearing Body cams, to record incidents in real time, have plain clothed days, mingling into town’s without immediately being identified as a police officer. We have a specially adapted CCTV vehicle which we use on a daily basis along with using special devices to identify criminals using the road network.

“The NTU has been set up to thoroughly disrupt the lives of criminals and their criminal activity. We are tackling every type of crime from wing mirrors being pulled off cars, anti-social behaviour, to full time career criminals and violent offenders.

“The NTU’s inaugural deployment to Bridlington was due to the area being a busy seaside town, which has a very large increased seasonal population over the summer months, and we want to keep everyone who lives, works and visits us safe and crime free.

“Thebrand new team are now just over a three months old and we have already had a busy time and been very successful in the pro-active work. I hope the residents in Bridlington feel reassured we are doing everything possible to make their beautiful coastal town crime free and safe for residents, workers and holiday makers a-like.”