New homes plan submitted

The proposed site north of The Stray, South Cave.
The proposed site north of The Stray, South Cave.

A planning application to build 24 new houses in South Cave has been presented to East Riding Council.

Outline plans have been submitted by landowner David Watts for the scheme on land north of The Stray.

It is not clear exactly what type of houses would be built, but a percentage of them would be affordable homes. According to East Riding Council, at least 25% of the homes would have to be affordable to meet the authority’s policy requirement.

In the planning statement, the applicant says: “This small site is well related to the existing built-up area.

“It can provide market and affordable housing in a sustainable settlement and can provide open space where there is a need.”
He adds: “The proposal will respect the character of the area by providing a density of development which is in keeping with the grain of neighbouring housing.”

The planning application proposes the development of 1.02 hectares of land.

The proposed site is allocated for housing under the Beverley Local Plan - policy H1 di - and has housing on three sides of it.

East Riding Council’s planning committee will consider the application in January.