gully cleaning tankers
gully cleaning tankers

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have received four new gully tankers to replace its old fleet of vehicles, which are to be removed from service after many years clearing the gullies of the East Riding.

The Council believes that the new tankers will improve the authority’s response to flooding and its prevention, with the recent heavy rainfall event continuing to remind many of the power of the weather.

The new tankers are set to make their operational appearance on the roads and streets of the East Riding shortly and replace the smaller 18-tonne gully vehicles.

While flooding to property is predominantly caused by a failure of a larger drain, outfall, pumping station or inadequate pipe capacity, it is vitally important that the gullies which lead to these larger drainage systems are maintained and kept clear in order to shed highway water from the surface of roads and footways.

Climate change means that increasingly the council is required to accommodate system cleansing, using jetting and catch pit and manhole cleansing, to remove increased debris. Because of this, the council has analysed and reviewed both the chassis and tank design previously used for its four vehicle gully tanker fleet and has worked with the tanker builders to increase the size to hold waste and clean water for longer periods of jetting, carry extra storage for equipment such as signs and cones and various hose sections.

It is also hoped that fuel efficiency savings can be gained not only by the newer engine design specifications but by achieving a reduction in road mileage resulting from less frequent tipping site visits.

John Skidmore, head of streetscene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The council is pleased to have received these tankers. The new vehicles provide an increased flexibility with regards to design and will improve the efficiency of the council’s gully cleansing programme.”