New generation of speed cameras set for A1079 rollout

The old cameras are set to be replaced in spring
The old cameras are set to be replaced in spring

A major upgrade of speeding measures on the A1079 is set to take place next year with the installation of a number of new speed cameras.

There are already a number of speed cameras on the road, including at Arras Hill and close to Market Weighton, but Safer Roads Humber, the organisation tasked with making sure motorists stick to the speed limits, has changes in mind.

If everything goes to plan, the organisation plans to replace the current point speed cameras, which clocks speeds at a specific point, with a new generation of average speed cameras.

A representative from Safer Roads Humber said; “The current cameras are old technology really, they rely on film and officers have to go out there to replace it.

“The new average speed devices will use an advanced digital system.

“Motorists tend to prefer average speed cameras too because it gives them the chance to adjust their speed over a longer distance.

“We are now at the procurement stage, we have the funds in place and, if all goes to plan, we hope to start putting them up in the spring.”