New CCTV will help residents feel safe and deter criminals

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A new high definition CCTV system has been installed in Market Weighton which has been deemed the best in the area.

Market Weighton Town Council has completed the installation of the new high definition CCTV system covering the High Street, Market Place and parts of Holme Road and Londesborough Road.

The system was supplied and installed by local company Exell Technology and provides pictures of the same quality as a domestic HD television whilst also having infra-red capability for high quality pictures during the night hours.

All ten cameras are recorded and stored for over a month but the system is not continually monitored, recordings being viewed by police as required.

Mayor of Market Weighton, Cllr Petter Hemmerman said: “The CCTV system we had was first installed by the Chamber of Trade. Their funds were limited at the time and it was something that did the job but it wasn’t the best.”

He said police would struggle to read a number plate or identify a face.

“The high definition is absolutely stunning.

“Like any small town we have a few minor incidents. It’s for people’s security that there is something watching them and they feel a bit safer and anyone who is intending to commit a crime is deterred.

“There’s no big brother, no one is watching over it all the time but it is there when an incident has occurred.”

The quality of the picture has already received compliments from police community support officers using the new system.

PCSO Terry Cundiff said “The pictures are amazing”.

He had to look at footage for 1am and said “it was like daylight”.

PCSO Laura Hudson believes we now have “the best system in the area”.

Mayor Hemmerman added: “We like to think we are doing out best for the people. If we can protect them a bit better we will.”

The council also has plans to add a number plate recognition cameras to the system which will enable police to instantly ascertain if a particular vehicle has passed through the town over the recording period and give time, date and pictures of it.

The council is also carrying out investigations into small covert “wildlife” cameras which records movement day and night as a way of identifying dog fouling incidents and other nuisance events around the town.