New CCTV for Pocklington

CCTV camera
CCTV camera

SECURITY in Pocklington town centre is to be beefed up by two new CCTV cameras.

The town centre currently boasts two rotating cameras at either end of Market Place and these are to be complemented with two fixed point cameras with night vision.

Pocklington town councillors voted unanimously to spend £2,000 on the cameras at their council meeting last week, a move welcomed by Sgt Pete Rogers, head of the neighbourhood policing team.

He said: “I am very pleased indeed that the system is being improved in Pocklington.

“It helps keep the town safe and will act as a deterrent for people thinking of committing crime in the town centre.”

Sgt Rogers explained that the primary function of the existing cameras was to deter would-be offenders, but that because they both panned round constantly they could miss vital evidence.

He said that the addition of two more fixed point cameras would be a valuable asset.

“We feel very strongly that CCTV cameras are a very good deterrent in the town centre, but sometimes they do miss things,” said Sgt Rogers.

“An incident might be ongoing, but because the cameras move round in a circle they might not get the whole thing.

“It would be useful to have a static camera in addition, which records the same scene all the time, and you would want the very best in terms of night vision.”

The new cameras will cost £1,000 each and the town council hopes to place them either end of Market Place, one on Judsons and another on the Feathers Hotel, to give a static view of the town centre.

The cameras are being paid for by money from a ring-fenced fund given to the town council when it took over responsibility of the CCTV system.