New A1079 measures set to target speeders

Market Weighton Ward Councillor Mike Stathers.
Market Weighton Ward Councillor Mike Stathers.

Tougher measures to curb speeding along a stretch of the A1079 through Shiptonthorpe could be introduced by early next year.

After a series of meetings with the Safer Roads Humber team and representatives of East Riding’s road safety unit, provisional agreement has been reached to introduce moves aimed at slowing down the speeders.

Councillor Mike Stathers, who represents the Wolds Weighton Ward on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Speeding through the village has been a problem for local residents for many years and it has often been discussed by other groups including the parish council and the A1079 Action group.

“I felt it was time to take another look and both the Safer Roads team and our own road safety people were happy to listen to my argument and eventually agreed that Shiptonthorpe does have a major problem.

“In our meetings, I stressed that this was not just about policy or road accident figures but that it was about quality of life for local people who use this road, who try to walk across it and who use the several T junctions, all at their peril.

“The real issue is not so much about motorists who drive through the 30mph limit at 35mph, but those who totally ignore the speed restrictions and fly through at speeds in excess of 50mph.

“Heavy good vehicles, especially in the evening and at weekends, when the flow of traffic is not so heavy, are among the worst offenders but we have also noticed the increasing speed that some agricultural vehicles are now reaching.

“The first hurdle was to get the officers to agree there is a problem. They have. The second was how to deal with it.

“Progress has been made and in the first instance Safer Roads Humber, and hopefully the police will look upon Shiptonthorpe as a priority case, beginning with a new location for the camera van on the western edge of the village.

“This will specifically target vehicles accelerating out of the village eastwards and those coming off the dual carriageway who fail to slow down in time.”

It is hoped the new base will be in situ by the Spring and Mike hopes talks can also be held to assess the impact of pinch-points caused by traffic using the Shiptonthorpe services and garden centre.

He added: “It might be that we have to contact some of the HGV operators separately to urge them to show respect for the speed limit, both at Shiptonthorpe and elsewhere, but in the long run we want to see offenders properly punished.”