Musician releases new single after cancer battle

David Newstone has released a new single.
David Newstone has released a new single.

A musician from Pocklington who has overcome cancer has decided to release a new single at the age of 70.

David Newstone, of Harper Close, was diagnosed with prostate cancer about seven years ago. But he now wants to put those difficult days behind him and has decided to go back to making music.

He wrote his new single ‘I’m Not a Pleasant Trucker’ about 30 years ago, but has decided that now is the right time to release it. The other track on the single is ‘The Fallout Shelter’, which he also wrote about 30 years ago. The single is out now and is available to buy from the Pocklington Music shop, on Market Street. David said: “I used to be a singer and entertainer, When I got diagnosed it knocked me back. But when I got to 70 I thought why not have another go.”

He added: “The cancer has inspired me and made me want to make the most of what is left. The message [being diagnosed with cancer] is always a bit of a shock but it is quite possible to get over it. A lot of people hide in the corner and give up, but a lot of people don’t do that and go out and do something and that’s what I intend to do.” David’s music career started in the 1960’s in a rock band called Uriah Heep, who are still going today, and have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. The band was called ‘The Stalkers’ when David was a member. He last released a record in 1980, called ‘Old Faithful’, when he was a member of another band called Granny’s Rocking Chair. It was written for the rugby team Hull FC, and is still their signature tune.