Mum could face prison over dog fouling fine


A Driffield woman who owes more than £700 in fines and costs after her dog fouled the street has appeared in court over non-payment of the money.

Sonia Brooksby, 37 of Francis Terrace, told East Riding magistrates that the amount was “a bit excessive.”

But chairman of the bench Anthony Hardman warned her that she could face 28 days in prison if she failed to pay, and ordered that £20 per week be deducted from her wages as a factory worker in Hull.

The court heard that Ms Brooksby also still owes £50 in compensation awarded by a youth court fours years ago to the victim of a burglary committed by her son Jordan.

But she said her son was no longer a minor and had since left home and become a father.

She said: “Why should I be responsible for his fines? As far as I know all the fines have been transferred into his name.”

When asked if she could sell anything in her home to pay off the debts, she replied: “I don’t own anything in my house. It’s rented and comes fully-furnished.”

The court heard that the dog fouling resulted in a fine of £400, with £249.29 court costs and a £40 victim surcharge.

Ms Brooksby said she had been taking her dog to the vets at the time.

She added: “The dog warden wasn’t even working. He was in his own car. He saw me trying to clean it up.”

Following a warrant delivered by bailiffs, Ms Brooksby offered to pay £5 per week but only ended up paying £10, the court heard

Chairman of the bench Anthony Hardman told her that the first £20 payment must be made within seven days. He told her: “If you don’t pay prison will be waiting.”

She told the magistrates: “I’ve been before. You sent me before!”