MP's campaign to end puppy farms

MP for Pocklington, Sir Greg Knight, is sponsoring a Parliamentary Motion calling for an end to both puppy farms and the sale of young puppies in pet shops.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 11:15 am
East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight.

The motion, which has received cross party backing, highlights government advice that purchasers should see puppies interacting with their mother in the place where they were born.

Sir Greg said: “It is neither right or necessary for puppies to be sold away from their mothers, often caged in small perspex boxes in pet shops.

“Sadly, there are still some irresponsible and unscrupulous practices by a number of dog breeders.

“The Government should protect breeding dogs and puppies by making all breeders accountable and cutting out third party ‘dealers’ of puppies from the market.”