MP backs moves to tighten controls of the scrap metal industry

BEVERLEY MP Graham Stuart has written to Richard Ottaway MP in support of his Private Member’s Bill to re-regulate the scrap metal industry.

Mr Stuart said: “Criminals cannot be allowed to continue to run amok across the countryside helping themselves to other people’s possessions. This Bill, which is currently on its way through the House of Commons, will see both static and mobile scrap metal dealers licensed via the local authority and a ban on all cash payments for scrap metal sales.

“It is sad that the only way we can stop these crimes is by imposing greater regulation on industry, but we must eliminate the opportunity for thieves to off-load their stolen goods and reap rewards at the expense of others.”

Mr Stuart said there have been numerous instances of metal theft across the constituency, including local churches.

“Communities are now being further disadvantaged by an increase in insurance premiums for their buildings to cover them against these crimes,” he said.

“I have also heard about businesses whose tools have been stolen for scrap, and train passengers delayed because of copper cable theft.

“I fully support Mr Ottaway in carrying this Bill through Parliament to protect us all against the acts of these self-centred thugs.”