Move to reopen rail lines offers Minsters hope

The Minsters Rail Campaign chairman Peter Hemmerman.
The Minsters Rail Campaign chairman Peter Hemmerman.

Leading members of the Minsters Rail Campaign said they have renewed optimism about the reinstatement of the Beverley to York railway line.

The Minsters Rail chairman Peter Hemmerman, who is based in Market Weighton, said he was heartened by the decision by Transport Minister Chris Grayling to reopen at least five lines closed by Richard Beeching in the 1960s.

Mr Hemmerman, who would like the Beverley to York line reopened with new stations at Market Weighton, Pocklington, Stamford Bridge and Haxby, said the minister’s move could help the cause.

Mr Hemmerman said: “Mr Grayling’s move shows there are funds available to reopen disused lines, which is something we’ve been trying to prove to various bodies for some time now.

“We have had meetings with the rail minister and been in touch with the Department of Transport about the Minsters line.

“It’s all about getting the funds together for a business study, which at the moment the East Riding of Yorkshire Council won’t entertain.

“The study would cost around £100,000 but that could draw down something like £300 million.

“Its worth doing as the roads are falling apart and there seems to be no money for that area of transport.

“If there is some money available for a study I can’t see why they wouldn’t go for it.

“The Yorkshire Party is backing the campaign. The members who are based in West Yorkshire can see the merit of the line, and believe it would be great for this area.”