Moggy on mend a first class attraction

Potato the cat is charming Post Office customers.
Potato the cat is charming Post Office customers.

A much-loved moggy, who used up one of his nine lives after being hit by a car, has become the purr-fect ambassador for a Pocklington business.

Potato the cat is now the star attraction at Pocklington’s Post Office on Market Street.

Potato the cat is charming Post Office customers.

Potato the cat is charming Post Office customers.

Owner of the Post Office Bridget Baker said Potato is attracting many admirers with his distinctive looks and his winning ways.

He is often seen in the office pawsing for a rest while convalescing.

Potato, who was feline lousy with a broken pelvis after the collision, was rushed to the vets following the incident and a decision was made to put him down.

However, the cat had an escape claws after its owner’s daughter pleaded for an operation as part of her Christmas gift.

Potato, who has a distinctive puss-tashe and goatie, normally wears a red jumper - making him even more adorable to customers.

Potato’s owner Bridget Baker said: “We lost our cat in February this year and we weren’t going to get another one.

“However, after seeing a picture on Facebook we went to look at a litter of kittens and this adorable one, complete with a moustache, came up to us.

“We ended with this little scrap of a thing that was a bit off-colour and we nursed him up to scratch.

“He was fine and dandy, living a good life, until four weeks’ ago when he decided to go out and about.

“Unfortunately he got bumped by a car. He managed to drag himself home over a six foot wall with a broken pelvis and made it through the cat flap before collapsing.

“We found him in the morning and took him to the vets.

“After consultation and x-rays we decided to put him to sleep because it was a big operation with no guarantee he would be OK.

“My daughter Maria was heartbroken. All she wanted for Christmas was her cat mending so the operation went ahead.

“Potato then had to undergo four weeks’ of recuperation and because he’s an eight-month old cat he had to undergo some cage rest.

“We wanted to keep a close eye on him so we brought him to work.

“He wears a little red jacket which looks like a Christmas jumper and he’s become the love of the town.

“Everyone comes in to ask after him. He’s there in the branch and he comes out to see customers. Kiddies are coming in, asking to see him.

“He affectionately gets called Spud and he has become a local personality.”