Missing space bear found miles from home

Major William Wilberforce has been found
Major William Wilberforce has been found

An 'astronaut' teddy bear has been found more than a month after he went missing following a journey to space.

Pupils at Pocklington Prep School launched the bear, named after Major William Wilberforce, on a journey to space in June but disaster struck when the GPS system attached to the bear failed and couldn't be located.

William has now been found in Cottingham - around 18 miles from where he was launched. Although following a run in with a combine harvester, William has sustained a few tares and has lost a leg.

The school posted on its Facebook page: "Our brave space teddy Major William has finally been found!

"As you can see he is a little worse for wear after a combine harvester found him in Cottingham.

"The good news is we have some excellent footage of his space adventure."

The school have now put together a movie trailer to mark the return of William the bear and are delighted that the footage was not damaged.