Misery as sewage floods gardens

Michael Cole and Judith Steer pictured with sewage on the drive.
Michael Cole and Judith Steer pictured with sewage on the drive.

Residents say they are fed up with their gardens being flooded with sewage, with one resident claiming it has happened 11 times so far this year.

Residents on Westfield Road in Market Weighton say their gardens were covered in sewage water again on Monday.

The water leaks out from a manhole cover on a driveway after it has rained. When the water subsided on Monday, it left behind waste and other items.

Council tenant Judith Steer, 56, says her garden has been flooded with sewage water 11 times this year, and that this has been a problem since she moved into the house in 2002.

She said: “I am sick of it. There’s nothing I can do. I can’t let the dogs out into the garden and I can’t use the downstairs toilet. If I used it the toilet would overflow.

“The garden was like a duck pond on Monday and when the water subsided it was just sewage. There’s toilet paper and let’s say ‘sludge’.

“The sewage system is just overloaded. It is coming out of the sewer through the manhole cover at the bottom of my drive. It is progressively getting worse because there are more houses and the sewers can’t cope.

“It smells horrible!”

Mrs Steer has contacted East Riding Council and Yorkshire Water numerous times in the past to ask them to tackle the problem. She says the local authority have told her to contact Yorkshire Water about the issue.

She explained: “I was passed from pillar to post between Yorkshire Water and East Riding Council up until 2011. Since then it has been mainly Yorkshire Water that has dealt with this. Because it is not coming into the house it is classed as a low priority.

“Yorkshire Water has sent out staff to clean up the mess. They sent cameras down into the drains but they have done nothing to fix the problem.”

It affects neighbours at either side as well. A few houses were affected by this.”

Mrs Steer has also contacted East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight about the issue.

Her neighbour Michael Cole, 56, has also been affected. He said: “The sewage water is flooding from the manhole cover into my garden as well.

“It has been going on quite a number of years. It was like a stream on Monday.

“When the water drains away it leaves waste behind. There’s faeces, toilet paper. Whatever people put down their toilet is coming back up.”

A spokesperson for East Riding Council told the Post that it should approach Yorkshire Water for a comment.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “We apologise to our customers in Westfield Road who have been affected by flooding from this sewer, which we took ownership of in 2011. Over the next few weeks we will undertake a camera survey of a mile long stretch of sewer downstream of Westfield Road through fields and woodland to our Market Weighton waste water treatment works. The results of these investigations, along with others previously carried out will help us identify a long term solution and any other work that may be needed.”

Following the rainfall overnight on Sunday and on Monday morning, a flood warning was issued for Pocklington Beck. The beck overflowed slightly at Betterton Court but this ended shortly after when the rain stopped and the level of the beck began to subside.

The rain caused a few other flooding problems in Market Weighton, with the duck pond on The Green overflowing its edges. In the Croft Close area, large puddles were widespread and on Beverley Road, open dikes overtopped.