Memorial for dedicated Doreen in Pock

Doreen Morgan during her time in Pocklington
Doreen Morgan during her time in Pocklington

A memorial service will be held for a woman whose achievements made Pocklington a richer and safer place.

Doreen Morgan, nee Smith, passed away aged 90 and her children will hold a memorial service in the town she loved.

Doreen Morgan in Luxembourg

Doreen Morgan in Luxembourg

Having grown up in Birmingham and Leeds, Doreen moved to Pocklington in 1961 with her husband Humphrey Clifford Morgan and their four children.

She worked as a primary school teacher at Barmby Moor and North Newbald before starting to work as a special needs teacher at Woldgate. She worked at many other schools in the area before she was forced to retire due to illness in 1975.

Her children said: “She tried to instil a love of literature and to adopt a sensitive approach to children who found learning difficult.

“She was very opposed to the bullying methods which were commonplace at the time and spoke disdainfully of using Janet and John reading books for students who were too old for them.” Instead she used articles about celebrities to encourage reading.

After losing her husband in 1981, Doreen came into a new lease of life. One of her first projects was the creation of a Pocklington branch of the British Heart Foundation, which she chaired from 1983 to 1991.

Meetings were held at her house and she inspired fund-raising events, including a sponsored bed-pushalong the A1079.

Her first venture raised money to provide an electrocardiogram monitor and, helped by Pocklington truckers, to equip several ambulances in the area with defibrillators.

Doreen also took on a leading role in the organisation of the first Pocklington Festival and her attention turned to the Workers’ Educational Association and she organised evening classes and weekend courses for adults.

When it was announced that St James’ Church at Warter became redundant, Doreen was acting as secretary for the Pocklington Civic Society.

This was her biggest challenge of all but she was relentless in her push to see it through. Visitors will find the church is now the Wolds Heritage Centre providing information about the area Doreen loved so much.

For the centre to be created a new Yorkshire Wolds Heritage Trust had to be set up, of which Doreen was the first chairman.

Her children added: “Doreen could be difficult at times and these were not so very infrequent. Yet those who recall her achievements speak most warmly of her and there is much to celebrate about her life. Pocklington became a safer and a richer place for her input and we hope this will not be forgotten.”

For the last nine years of her life she lived in Belgium and Luxemburg, though she always follow events back home and the Wolds via email and social media.

A memorial service will be held to celebrate the life of Doreen Morgan on Monday February 20 at 2pm at All Saints Church, Pocklington. Donations to the British Heart Foundation will be gratefully received.